Meet Arivu – The Chennai-Based Musician Who Took The World By Storm


Music means different things to different people. To this talented young lyricist, singer and musician, it is the most powerful outlet to speak about the things that matter.  It is no surprise at all that the twenty-seven-year-old who grew up in Arakkonam (80 km off Chennai) in an atmosphere of diversity and intellectual stimulation went on to become one of the most moving and thought-provoking voices in the independent music scene in India.

Not many know that before Arivu rose to fame with the critically acclaimed Enjoy Enjaami featuring Dhee, he was already writing songs for a cause.  

Having grown up listening to exuberant folk music back in his village, Arivu began to develop a strong interest in powerful words and tunes. In college, he was introduced for the very first time to altogether new genres of rap and hip-hop, which immediately enraptured him.

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His unique sense of writing and rapping shone through right from his early performances in college, yet he was denied the opportunity to perform because he had no ‘formal training’.

His real break came when he auditioned for an independent music group put together by director Pa. Ranjith, called the ‘Casteless Collective.’

His talent was immediately appreciated and Arivu reciprocated by writing and singing song after song about reservations, CAA, nationalism, jingoism, Ambedkar and anti- Sterlite protest victims. 

5 Lesser-Known Songs By Arivu

1.Kalla Mouni

2. Anti Indian

3. Snowlin 

4.Hashtag Justice

5.Namma Stories

Even then, Arivu’s songs were largely undiscovered by mainstream listeners. This was quickly remedied with the launch of the record-breaking Enjoy Enjaami, a poignant yet powerful piece on the roots of a Tamil community.

Today, he has landed several projects in films but continues to focus on his independent music simultaneously. 

Arivu’s journey thus far and his unending drive can be summed up by the lyrics of his song ‘Sanda Seivom’-

“They call me Arivu
I am one among you
I dream of equality
In a world where Ambedkar and Periyar are immortal
My song is a product of my rationale.”

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