Top Trending Chennai Fashion Influencers On Instagram Today


We all know that the fashion scene in Chennai is replete with top-notch designer brands and avant-garde design ventures. But are you aware of the newfound backbone that is holding it all together? We’re talking about our favorite, city-dwelling Instagram Influencers of course! From crusading sustainable fashion to promoting budding designers, these fashion influencers are kicking up a storm with their content!

Read on to discover TPM’s pick of uber-cool fashion influencers in Chennai you should be following in 2021.

Deepika Venkatachalam

Image Source: Deepika Venkatachalam

This Speech Pathologist who moonlights as a fashionista is a powerhouse of energy that takes down one fashion stereotype at a time in admirable style. Having risen to fame over her viral TikTok videos, she puts her huge following to good use by promoting body positivity, self-love, and inclusive fashion.

Number of followers: 431000

Pradaini Surva

Image Source: Pradaini Surva

Being a content creator, yoga instructor, and model by choice, mindful living, sustainability and fitness dominate the choices of this diva. Her excellent sense of fashion is only elevated by her positive and motivational captions, stories, and reels. Fittingly, her Instagram is an unbelievable blend of soulful and scintillating! 

Number of followers: 336000

Arthi Venkatesh

Image Source: Arthi Venkatesh

Arthi is not just a talented actress who shot to fame among the masses with her stint in the film Solo, but also a seasoned model in the industry. We can’t help but fawn over Arthi’s feed that screams style and sophistication with every elegant post. Follow her for inspired additions to your lookbook!

Number of followers: 366000

Sahithya Jagannathan

Image Source: Sahithya Jagannathan

This queen got her first crown as Miss Chennai in 2009 and has been walking the ramp ever since. If her sense of style is A+, her sensibility is one step ahead. The soon-to-be mom is simply breaking all glass ceilings with her keen sense of style while reminding all of us that fashion looks fantastic when it embraces all things natural!

Number of followers: 98000

Subiksha Venkat

Image Source: Subiksha Venkat

This engineer-turned blogger has a way with both words and wardrobes. The living embodiment of the phrase “girl next door”, Subiksha espouses earthy, elegant, and sensible couture. She is also known to style simple pieces of clothing and accessories beautifully. It is highly recommended that you follow her for some everyday dressing inspiration!

Number of followers: 64000

Mehndi Kapoor

Image Source: Mehndi Kapoor

One look at her feed and you won’t have to guess twice what she does for a living- with her impeccable eye for glamour, Mehndi is among the city’s best personal shoppers and stylists! We aren’t surprised that this jack of trades has a huge fan base that adores her chic and trendy choice of clothing!

Number of followers: 46000 


Image Source: Vekkey

Vekkey is a model and a recently popular name among fashion enthusiasts known for his personal grooming tips and dressing inspiration. On his social media platforms, he shines through in the predominantly female-dominated fashion influencer scene in the city and also leaves a mark by standing strongly in support of ethical influencer practices.

Number of followers: 73000

Ashwin Vias

Image Source: Ashwin Vias

Pairing attire, dressing up and looking suave always came naturally to this guy with a great eye! Deciding to put his excellent taste for clothes to good use, this young entrepreneur has today become the poster child for initiative and grit with his very own brand in the making.

Number of followers: 25000

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