The Best Online Fitness Coaches In Chennai To Help You Get In Shape


The global pandemic has forced us to rethink the way we work out. Public places are no longer 100% safe, and gyms and fitness centers are no exception to our caution. At the outset, fitness enthusiasts and instructors were woefully missing their sessions, but not for long! 

Demonstrating incredible resilience and thoughtfulness, the fitness scene in Chennai has bounced right back on the other side of the screen with virtual classes!

So if you’ve been wanting to get in shape but are holding back due to fears of infection, here are 8 Chennai instructors that have opened up their doors online.

1. Stay Fit With Ramya (TWR)

When this popular TV anchor took to social media to launch her very own virtual fitness classes, it soon became a crowd favorite. Over a course of just a few months, has built a name for itself by offering online personal/ group training sessions in strength and conditioning or yoga. The latest batch of TWR is scheduled to start on 4th October and is currently accepting registrations. 

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2. Naresh Fitness

Run by this relentless, celebrity-favorite trainer who goes by the name of Naresh, this online fitness avenue is certainly worth exploring. Naresh believes that getting in shape shouldn’t be a punishment and that it is an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision. As a result, his offerings in fat loss, strength training and muscle building are versatile, fun and inspirational.

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3. DecaFit

Safety has always been DecaFit’s first priority, even before the global pandemic. Naturally, they’ve come up with innovative solutions to help you safely stay in shape. To them, fitness has always been a lifestyle choice and their classes are fittingly designed to help you meet your own goals. You also have the choice to opt for private lessons or semi-private lessons for small groups.

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4.Chennai Yoga Studio

If the hustle and bustle of regular fitness do not jive with your vibe, give yoga a try. It just might be your calling. Chennai Yoga Studio is a good place to start – they’ve got flexibly placed classes around the day for all levels of learners, so you need not worry about not being flexible or having no experience! 

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5.Biglee Murali

There ain’t no party like a fitness party cause a fitness party doesn’t stop. Biglee Murali is a true believer that fitness is a lifelong journey of conscious choices and actions. Naturally, training with him will leave you with the desire to stay healthy long past the training sessions His energy is simply infectious. So, if you’ve been wanting to get into shape but lacking the motivation, he’s got just the fix!

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6. The Quad

If you thought the days of boot camps are bygone, think again. The Quad has come with an intense virtual Boot camp for fitness freaks across the globe to get into form. With flexible timings and all-week sessions, you get to try out a whole host of workouts right from calisthenics, floor workouts, cardio, and more!

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Even when the pandemic subsides, online fitness classes will be a great choice for those who do not have the time to work out in person. So do not shy away from adopting them into your fitness arsenal for the long haul!

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