Safe Food Supply For Covid Patients


Chennai Volunteers’ Verified List Of Covid Food Supply

If you switch on to your daily dose of television or read a newspaper in the morning, you will be packed up with COVID 19 positive cases, lack of oxygen beds, and so on. However, when the world is brimming with COVID 19 cases, few good souls are trying to spread smiles on the face of the ones affected. 

You might have heard of Chennai Volunteers which is an organization that has been working diligently for over 10 years in fields like gender equality, disaster relief, and uplifting the less fortunate or distressed to make Namma Chennai a better and safer place. Recently, Chennai Volunteers took the initiative of collating a list of many individuals and kitchen groups who are willing to help COVID patients, recovered patients, and their families under quarantine by offering immunity-boosting homemade food. As of now, the food delivery initiative has nearly 150+ volunteers.

Check out the cumulative list of various foods being delivered in Tamil Nadu through individual delivery or third-party delivery apps. Make sure to go through the list as it offers plenty of options keeping in mind the food requirements for COVID patients. It has mentioned various locations, contact numbers, and any details you need to know before placing your order. What’s best is that there are free and paid food options available too. 

Help us to help you! Do share this and help the ones affected. Stay safe, stay aware and get yourself vaccinated.

Verified List Of Covid Food Supply From Chennai Volunteers

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