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Keeping the toddlers engaged throughout the day can be a strenuous task for any parent. Attending your lil’ munchkins while juggling between household chores and desk work can get more than a handful. Worry no more! 

Image Source: Miniroo

Aditi Prasad and Vishwa Dave (mothers themselves) experienced their moment of revelation during a playdate while exchanging thoughts over various native brands, education, maternity, parenthood food, clothing and more. Their view of such brands being unknown to a large population gave them an idea. A comprehensive design plan to open up “Pop-Ups” where mothers could walk right in and get their hands full of products helping them through parenthood.

Image Source: Miniroo

The supermoms bagged the Best KidStopPress Award 2019 for their exhibition Whimsical Wonderland in 3 cities – Chennai, Coimbatore and Bengaluru that featured brands across diverse categories like food, fashion and fun, for kids from 0 to 12 years.

As the pandemic imposed lockdown settled in, the supermom founders conceived an excessive plan to build a brand over their initial pop-up stores, a brand that would go on to become ‘Miniroo’.

Since its inception, the brand has garnered a wide-reaching spotlight and is now well known for its STEM toys. The supermoms make sure the brand stays rooted in its essence; catering to mothers and children with home-grown products. 

Image Source: Miniroo

With a lot of other brands popping up in faster numbers, Aditi Prasad and Vishwa Dave’s idea is still the most appreciated and celebrated for its pioneering vision. The association of cosmopolitan brands across different brackets stands a true testimony to their growth.  Also known for the #NoJudgementHere campaign, the brand ‘Miniroo’ offers the complete solution to all maternity and baby care needs. 

What are you waiting for, time to swoosh whoosh to ‘Miniroo’ – the one-stop point for all the things “Parentsome”!

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