Get Intoxicated With Chennai’s Most Authentic Coffee Breweries


Madras and Filter coffee, been having an “entanglement”  for decades long, still going strong, slightly bitter for chai, which by the way, was the quintessential relationship of our land. A quick question for the coffee people – Do you all remember your first experience, growing up, discovering out of the blue, an irresistible cup of south Indian decoction kaapi? That’s right, the roasted bean has become our birthstone since then, and when life happens to us, we all know what brews behind our magical words of ”Well, maybe this day isn’t all that bad!”

Shout out to the amazing people who wrote this history. The ones who traded for the right beans, when life gave them lemons. The best 5 in Chennai that still serves you a hot tumbler of reminiscence, your unforgettable first sip.

1. Vivekananda Coffee

Kumbakonam Degree coffee, if its aroma doesn’t give you a dopamine hike, what else will? Four decades ago, they pledged to provide us the richest flavor in their freshly ground coffee and is now a household name in Madras. Not to forget their premium brand French blends “Apoorva” and “Classica” being their recent hit.

Image Source: Chennai Coffee

2. ID By SPI

SPI has been a brand that the city has embraced big time, and their ID chain of restaurants are no exception. What started has an in house snack point has churned out to be one of the very best for all things “Food & Coffee”. The coffee at ID has earned its cult status. It is said that there is never a last time with ID Coffee.

Image Source: SPI Cinemas

3. Mathsya

Served alongside a variety of classic Udupi delicacies. Their coffee strikes the right balance of bitterness that blends into our souls and is now inseparable.

Image Source: Mathsya

4. Ratna Cafe

This cafe belongs to your childhood memory. They maintain the authentic taste of filter coffee and their trademark idli-sambar with the secret recipes handed down over the years by their founder and if suddenly your mouth is watery now, make sure to visit this legendary cafe once more. 

Image Source: Ratna Cafe

5. Madras Coffee House

It is impossible for you to have not dropped by this red kiosk at least once, giving in to your urges for a hot filter coffee and a quick samosa. With over 85 outlets, they are still exclusive to one product – their coffee, which they have also expanded, by selling their powder.

Image Source: Madras Coffee

Freeze time and taste freedom from your bustling lives!
Go get yourself a coffee break at these iconic stops and off you leave to nostalgia land while you redeem back alright.

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