Top Themed Restaurants For An Unforgettable Dining Experience


While a cozy restaurant with tasty food can make for a pleasant dining experience,  there are certain restaurants that go the extra mile and leave a lasting impression. Did you know that Chennai is replete with such hidden gems?   The next time you’re looking for an adventurous lunch or a quirky date night, make sure you hit up one of these themetastic restaurants!  

1. Locofeast

Image Source: Loco Feast

Sit back and indulge your senses at this locomotive-themed restaurant that delivers multi-cuisine food to your table on a delightful train running around on a conveyor belt. Trains, treats, and taste, all aboard! 

Cost for two: ₹800
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2. Avatar

Image Source: Avatar

Believe us when we say that this is the closest way you can get to Pandora from Porur! Eat your heart out with their North-Indian buffet spread while your eyes feast on the stunning indoor recreation of Cameron’s Avatar.

Cost for two: ₹800
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3. Kaidi Kitchen

Image Source: Kaidi Kitchen

Feeling thoughtful? Ponder the irony of freedom in the prison-cell like booths of Kaidi Kitchen. Take your pick from a variety of dishes across cuisines. The food is anything but austere.

Cost For Two: ₹1000
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4. Moti Mahal Robot Restaurant 

Image Source: Moti Mahal

Tradition meets technology at this futuristic restaurant! We’re talking robot butlers serving the best of North India’s offerings on a platter!

Cost for two: ₹1300
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5. Haunted

Image Source: Haunted

Cobwebs and coffins, ouija boards, and poltergeists that spring out from dark corners! This is the place to be if you’re feeling adventurous. Don’t worry though, the food isn’t as gruesome as the ambiance!

Cost for two: ₹800
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6. Waterfall Restaurant

Image Source: Waterfall

Want to escape the bustle of the city into a quiet, calm, and serene romantic getaway? Look no further. 

Cost for two: ₹800
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7. Twisty Tails

Image Source: Twisty Tails

We saved the best for the last! With coffee, cuddles and treats all under one roof,  this is the paw-fect place for all you pet lovers out there!

Cost for two: ₹1000
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What are you waiting for? Take your pick from the list and give yourself a break from conventional dining! 

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