Sanitization Drones, Aerial Vehicles & Elon Musk – Reaching Global Recognition


Technology has no bounds! What was once thought to be a dream for many, is now a reality for all. Invention is great but inventing something for a cause is exceptional, right?

Garuda Aerospace has been mankind’s leap of faith in such trying times. Introducing a Chennai start-up, manufacturing high-quality drone-based applications that have been gaining rapid momentum for sanitizing COVID-19 Infection Hotspots.  A startup that has been creating craze all over the world, Garuda is renowned for designing, building, and customizing unmanned aerial vehicles or drones for diverse needs such as Agricultural Survey, Reconnaissance, and Surveillance. 

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Garuda’s story dates back all the way back to 2016. One fine day Agnishwar Jayaprakash, CEO of Garuda Aerospace came up with the innovation of launching Garuda Aerospace when he realized the true potential of how underwater cameras are instrumental in helping swimmers alter their techniques. Since then there has been no looking back for this advanced UAV startup.

Within just 5 years of expansion, the start-up has been a huge hit all across the country during the pandemic. You’ll be amazed to know that this startup has got over 400 government orders and garnered 2 million dollars during COVID-19. Recently the Government of India officially endorsed Garuda for sanitization services to combat the deadly locust attacks. The team of over 200 employees manufactured drones that have the capability to clean solar panels efficiently. Garuda has also collaborated with DRDO to launch yet another drone.

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Rising to fame steadily, the third richest man on earth and CEO of SpaceX – Elon Musk made Agniswar’s day by liking his tweet on Twitter.

With just a minute of a finger tap,  a global fund was rushed to the team within 16 hours of discussion favoring one million dollars to Garuda. The tweet shows a drone named Surya that reduces water wastage used in solar panel cleaning from the regular usage level of four liters to just 100 ml.

The 30-year-old entrepreneur is in all praise after the tweet as the National Thermal Power Corporation had approached Garuda Aerospace in connection with the Surya drone. Surya drone is designed to reduce manpower and deals with an efficient way of cleaning solar panels increasing productivity and efficiency.

This deserves a big shoutout to Garuda Aerospace for reaching new heights in drone application technology. For more interesting updates on the latest happenings in Chennai, check this space to know more!

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