Accessorize Your Outfit With Stunning Neck-Pieces From Umang Beads


There are certain brands we can’t help but fall in love with at first sight and Umang Beads is one such brand from our very own city. They are an artisanal beaded neckwear and jewellery label producing aesthetic products, suitable for all occasions.

Image Source: Umang Beads

Umang was established by a mother-daughter duo in the year 2016. Uma Narayan, the founder and curator at Umang Beads says that although she is a botanist by education, she’s always had the itch to dabble with entrepreneurship. Starting with a corporate food delivery service and then textile retail in the 90s, she finally found her calling in Umang Beads, along with the support of her daughter Megha. 

Having started small back in 2016, with Uma stringing beautiful beads to form stunning necklaces herself, the quantum of orders started coming in soon and fast. Now they include and empower women from disadvantaged backgrounds to help with the work. Initially Facebook was their primary platform of marketing and sales. Soon, they transitioned to Instagram and have a great following there too! Megha has quite her full-time job to assist Uma in growing the brand globally. 

Umang Beads is now a registered business with a showroom, a fully functioning website and they conduct workshops too. 

Image Source: Umang Beads

Available in the colours of the rainbow and made with precious, semi-precious and faux beads & pearls like agates, chatons, bugles and faceted ones, these make the perfect gifts too!

Whatever your taste may be and whichever colour you may like, Umang Beads has something for everyone. Their bespoke designs are loved by customers from far and wide. Affordable, colourful and customization is their specialty. Ramp up your style and flaunt it with your favourite dresses today! 

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