Sort Your Sugar Cravings With Chennai’s Delicious Home Bakers


Times are uncertain & we’re all doing our best to stay indoors & stay put. And while we may be down in the dumps, there are still ways to brighten up our days, celebrate the silver linings & unwind amidst the stress.
And what’s “stressed” spelt backwards? “Desserts” 

So here’s a list of some of the best home bakers in Chennai. You can help a small business grow in these tense times while you enjoy the most decadent treats!

1. Bake My Day 

Image Source: Bake My Day

From custom cookies to dessert hamper to delicious dessert jars, they have it all. On lucky days, you can even find surprise dessert pieces on their Instagram stories that you can Dunzo fresh & warm, right to your home. Our favourite design on the page is an exquisite hand-painted cake themed after the Starry Night by Van Gogh.

2. Crumbs & Layers

Image Source: Crumbs & Layers

Let’s start by saying that we are absolute fans of their Diwali & Christmas hampers! They curate the most decadent hampers filled to the brim with various pieces of dessert. But that’s not all. Their cakes look like they could fit in a fairy tale. Textured wedding cakes, themed birthday cakes & even ginormous tower cakes that are sure to take your breath away. 

3. The Brownie Paraiso

Image Source: The Brownie Paraiso

Yes, as the name suggests, they make fudgy delicious brownies. And you can find them in several flavors like Nutella, white chocolate & even an oreo brownie. But that’s not all. If you have been hoping to jump on the Pinata cake trend, they have got some gorgeous ones on their menu (filled in with brownies of course).

4. The Homebaked Company 

Image Source: The Homebaked Company

Food that looks like art. That’s the best way to describe the cakes at the Homebaked Company. They don’t just look good, they are also some of the most indulgent cakes we’ve chanced upon. Our top pick though would be their pull-apart cupcakes that spell out anything you want. For us, it would spell – Delicious!

5. Kay’s Bakes

Image Source: Kay’s Bakes

Looking for some exotic desserts? Well, look no further. Kay’s Bakes has you sorted with Russian Napoleon tortes, Tiramisu, Tres Leches Cakes, Cheesecakes & Honey Cakes. Your options are vast once you get to Kay’s. The toughest part of ordering from Kay’s Bakes is choosing just one dessert. We want them all! 

6. Baked By Sarmi

Image Source: Baked By Sarmi

Did someone say Pistachio & Berry Eclairs? They have the most scrumptious dessert options from eclairs to profiteroles. And if you pick a dessert, they’ve got plenty of flavours with that too. What more could you possibly want? Go ahead, order everything on their menu. We don’t judge.

Our favourite so far (although we haven’t gotten our hands on this one yet ) is the bright yellow, sun-shiny macarons! 

7. Annie’s Cakes & Cookies

Image Source: Annie’s Cakes & Cookies

What do you do when it’s your best friend’s birthday but you don’t know what theme you’ll go with for their birthday cake? Order a whole set of custom cupcakes or cookies with 10 different themes from Annie’s of course!

Their geometric cakes look a class-apart & don’t even get us started on the custom cookie prints. Oh & did we mention? They’ve been awarded one of the top 25 home bakers in the country & one of the top 10 in Chennai. 

7. Mug Cakes

Image Source: Mug Cakes

Shall we say… Creme Brulee Cake? Yes, you heard that right. Mug Cakes has the most unique collection of cake flavours & entremets. Whether you’re on the market for an elegant wedding cake or a quirky themed cake, Mug Cakes is the place to be. 

Our top pick is this exquisite tiered wedding cake. Isn’t that just the most gorgeous cake you’ve ever seen?

9. The Madras Patissiere

Image Source: The Madras Patissiere

We wouldn’t blame you if you mistook one of your cakes for paintings. That is just how well-crafted their cakes are. Their page hosts one-of-a-kind designs that stand out among the scores of cakes that mirror similar designs. You want abstract art on a cake? You got it! Watercolor cakes? You got it!

I mean just take a look at this cake that looks like an oil painting. 

10. Sugar Brush 

Image Source: Sugar Brush

How could our list be complete without Sugar Brush? Delectable, decadent cakes & desserts are aplenty at Sugar Brush. We’ve even seen a cake that looks like it’s straight out of Frozen. We think these cakes are too pretty to eat. You’d just want to stop & stare! But then again, we know how delicious they are so we wouldn’t recommend just staring. 

Well that’s our list. If we’re being super honest, all of them are great and you should probably order a dessert each from each of these places. Happy eating! Stay safe & take care guys. 

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