Redefine Your Space With Chennai’s Best Home Decor Stores


Unveiling space like a blank canvas, with light gushing in through the windows, you begin to dream. Suddenly, of all the colors on earth, you want to add your own shades of warmth and euphoric bliss. 

We know you, or rather; we know that they know you. 

The best home decor stores in Chennai who can help you make the best use of artistic elements, which will make your eyes flow through lines and curves entwined to finally be drawn to the most beautiful part of your home, the part that completes your story.

1. Villa 17

Image Source: Villa 17

Do you believe in magic? You will after you take a look at what Villa 17 can do to your home. Whether you’re looking to add a nice accent piece to your living room, or are looking to spruce up a dull corner with a unique piece of furniture, Villa 17 is up for the challenge. What’s more, the store offers you the option to have bespoke furniture made to fulfil your requirements to a t!

2. Drapes & Dreams

Image Source: Drapes & Dreams

To be at one of the best luxury brand stores in Chennai, means that you will be offered with special products falling under lighting, fabric, blinds, furniture, mattress, wallpaper, carpets and what not. 

More like dreams, they drape and don’t be uncertain, because they help you weave your statement.

3. Chumbak

Image Source: Chumbak

You will feel childlike, little things will begin to excite you and you start wishing you took them all home with you. Chumbak is quirky, bright, free-spirited, and tastefully zesty so will be your new home. 

4. Home Centre

Image Source: Home Center

Do you want it? You got it! They have the whole world in here, housing an enormous range of home-essentials and decors. The spectrum is so wide with such nominal pricing that it touches every home, with comfort and luxury. 

5. Beyond Canvas

Image Source: Beyond Canvas

True to its name, you will experience sincerity in each of their artwork, curated with meanings you never knew of. Thinkers, poets, and art lovers, this is your place, to indulge, find love and take some back home.

6. The Artisan House

Image Source: The Artisan House

The inspiration behind The Artisan House is to create personal spaces that are creative and representative of its inhabitant(s). From furniture and upholstery to wallpaper and fabrics, it is a one-stop-shop for all your home decor needs, and especially so if you have an eye for tasteful little things.

Your home is an extension of your energy. Pick from the best according to what matches your personality, because every person out there, got something of theirs in here. Don’t shy away from showing off your living space, afterall, a “HOME” is what you make of it.!

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