Top 8 OTT Originals To Binge Watch


Have you ever felt like that you just want to tuck yourself in and run a binging marathon all day long? A perfect slice of pizza or a bucket of popcorn and a mind-boggling show that will keep your eyes glued to the screen sounds like a well-spent lockdown day.

However, there is so much to choose from on OTT platforms and too little time, right? Sometimes it could be a sheer disappointment to utilize your precious time where you land up in watching something too flat and ordinary. But we hear you mate!

This carefully curated list of the latest and best OTT Originals is sure to keep you entertained.  Thrillers, dramas, crime, fantasies, comedies – you name it and we’ve got you covered!

1.Crown – Netflix

Who doesn’t love the reigning times of The British Royal Family? The era of the 1950s was too good to be avoided. The Crown kicks off with the historical period of Queen Elizabeth’s marriage to Prince Philip and the rest as they say is ‘history’. With 4 seasons on Netflix and Season 5 set for 2022, The Crown is surely worth all your time.

Genre: Historical Drama
Seasons: 4
Run Time: 47 – 60 Min/Per Episode

2.Lupin – Netflix

A suave satisfying french revenge thriller that needs to be on your watchlist! Lupin is about an ex-con preparing for a better life at a new place, however, things go awfully wrong when his father is charged for a crime he didn’t commit. What follows next is the perfectly executed avenge heist inspired by the famous Arsène Lupin.

Genre: Mystery Thriller
Seasons: 2
Run Time: 40 – 52 Min/Per Episode

3.The Queen’s Gambit – Netflix

A series that has taken the world by storm. The Queen’s Gambit centers as a coming-of-age drama about a troubled introvert woman orphaned at a young age, only to master all the pieces of the world’s wittiest game. Power, stardom, success along with the portrayal of women in a competitive male game. Give this enticing drama a shot Right Away!

Genre: Period Drama
Seasons: 1
Run Time: 46 – 67 Min/Per Episode

4.Ozark – Netflix

If you love gripping crime dramas, we recommend Ozark. A compelling yet smart crime drama about a financial advisor who relocates his family to launder money only because a laundering scheme for a Mexican drug cartel goes wrong. The story then unfolds into a huge nerve-wracking set of events that will keep you hooked for sure.

Genre: Crime Drama
Seasons: 3
Run Time: 52 – 80 Min/Per Episode

5.Hanna – Prime

A new age thriller about a superhuman girl on the run tackling destructive forces that come on her way while unearthing her past. Yes, Hanna is an explosive thriller bursting with spectacular performances. Expect a visually stunning screenplay unraveling a powerful action-packed story with jaw-dropping plot twists.

Genre: Action
Seasons: 2
Run Time: 47 – 55 Min/Per Episode

6.The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – Prime

Women with flawless inspiring dramas go hand in hand. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is one such story of a young woman having a perfect life. Life takes an exciting turn when she discovers a new talent for herself. We are not going to reveal what she discovered. How about you kick-starting the show for this weekend to know more?

Genre: Comedy Drama
Seasons: 3
Run Time: 43 – 76 Min/Per Episode

7.The Boys – Prime

Tired of the same old superheroes saving the world drama? One of the biggest critically acclaimed shows on Prime, The Boys is about a vigilante group – ‘The Seven’ who will stop at nothing to destroy the corrupt superheroes who misuse their powers. Hope you’re ready to get blown away by a superhero story with a modern twist.

Genre: Superhero Satire
Seasons: 2
Run Time: 55 – 68 Min/Per Episode

8.Chernobyl – Hotstar

Based on the 1986 national nuclear tragedy in the city of Chernobyl located in Soviet Union, this series is a riveting dramatization that is bound to keep you on your toes. Impeccable acting with a top-notch storyline and gripping narration is just the tip of the iceberg about this hard-hitting political disaster drama.

Genre: Historical Tragedy
Seasons: 1
Run Time: 60 – 72 Min/Per Episode

From this thoughtfully curated list of binge-worthy shows, we’re sure you would have marked your calendar for the weekends. Stay tuned for the latest updates on films, fashion, food and everything uber-cool.

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