A Decadent Dessert Experience Only With Shradha Lulla


Shradha Lulla & her gourmet desserts are here to put a smile on your face. She believes that the residents of our wonderful city possess a taste palette that deserves to be treated like royalty. 

With the abundance of dessert bars across the city, one  might wonder what makes Sharadha’s venture different. The answer lies in the secret-sauce or rather the ingredients she chooses to use.  All of her desserts are crafted using the choicest ingredients sourced from all around the world, lending each dessert a unique taste that cannot be found elsewhere. From picking the right hazelnuts to sourcing high degree dark chocolate to bringing to the table the freshest produce, a lot of thought goes into each dessert.

Image Source: Shradha Lulla

Decadent desserts do not have to be unhealthy, if it is made right. With nutritious substitutes & natural sugars, what you get is a delicious dessert that is light & less on additives. 

The inspiration for a lot of the desserts comes from Shradha’s years of travelling around the world & experiencing various cuisines. She is now finding ways to combine those international desserts with the unique spirit of chennai to bring about a synergy that sets her offerings apart from the crowd. 

The desserts also play with textures by the addition of smaller elements that give it a distinct feature. This can be seen in the use of chestnuts that add an element of crunch & stay that way for long durations, even immersed in creamy sauces. Well thought out recipes with deliberate additions & substitutes are what make the desserts a class apart. 

A quick glance across their instagram page will give you a host of options to choose from. They’ve got delicious original tiramisu, jar cakes, gooey chocolatey brownies & of course, the crowd favourite, ice creams & ice cream cakes.

Image Source: Shradha Lulla

They have a wide selection of ice-cream cakes that you can order as whole cakes as well as tiny tubs or ice-cream goodness. Inspired by her daughter’s love for ice cream cakes, the care & thought is evident in every bite of these amazing ice cream cakes. You can even find the ice cream cake tubs at retailers ( if you manage to spot them before they run out because, let’s face it, they are amazing ) The definitive winner among their menu are the ice cream cake tubs which are to die for. The have an array of flavours including Biscoff, Oreo, Tiramisu, Mango, Strawberry, Chocolate, Double Chocolate & Caramelised Nuts. If you’re confused, here are some celebrity favourites : Mr. Vignesh Shivan recommends are loves all their ice cream tubs, Actor Meena recommends the Biscoff Ice Cream Tub & Entrepreneur & Influence Renuka Praveen recommends the Tiramisu Ice cream cake. 

If we were to recommend a dessert or flavour to try, we’d say, try them all! You can never have too many desserts & hers are worth it all.

How Can You Get Yourself A Tub (Or 10)? 

You can pick up these decadent tubs at JK Cheese & More in Ispahani Centre. You can also have it Dunzo-ed or Swiggy-ed from there, so you’re not stepping out!

It is available at Amma Nanna, Tryst Cafe or you can also have it picked up from Shradha’s Home @ 13, Anderson Road, Nungambakkam too.

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